Kim Kristensen  b.56                          home
 composition,piano,synthesiezer ,flute
 Composed music in a wide genrespectrum: different jazzformations  from small groups to big bands,classical ensembles from chambermusic to symphonyorchestra,film,theatre,performancet-
 heater,artexhibitions.Specialized in electronic
 music.Tought at the "Rytmical Conservatory" of  Copenhagen, recieved in 94 a prize of honour
 from the danish composersociety DJBFA.Was in 94 nomInated for a danish Grammy for the CD "Ildvaeverne",Recieved several times grants from the Art Foundation of the Danish State  and  from other foundations.During  the 80´ties he worked with "Ocean Fables" counting Klavs Hovman (bas),Marilyn Mazur (perc.)Jens Winther (trumpet),Bjarne Roupe´(guitar),In 90 he formed "Ildvæverne"playing lyrical scandinavian jazz. In the beginningof 98 he formed "SOUK" a trio  with Birgit Lökke Larsen, percussion and the sax./fluteplayerThomas Agergaard

Own releases look

Has been sideman in various projects  : Michael Mantlers different bands in the past 5 years,in
Frederik Lundins/Trine Lise Værings "People Places Times and Faces" and many others.As musician KK played on a number of releases.CD  95 Michael Mantler/Cerco un paese innocente,the danish radio big band+chamber ensemble +vocal(Mona Larsen) ECM 1556 527092-2
CD 97 Michael Mantler/Scool of understanding,vocalist:Jack Bruce,Mona Larsen,Susie Hyldgaard,Per Jørgensen,Don Preston,Karen Mantler,
John Greaves,Robert Wyatt.Musicians:Michael Mantler,Roger Jannotta,Bjarne Roupe´,Marianne Sørensen,Mette Brandt,Mette Winther,Helle Sørensen,
TinekeNord hoeg,Kim Kristensen,Don Preston ECM 97 1648/49 537 963 2
Film 98  Lars von Trier/The Idiots ZENTROPA FILM, Ole Gulløv /Halfdan Rasmussen:Natsange